These aren’t ordinary pedals. The P1 pedal is a simple, intelligent and uncompromising design that provides the same proven PowerTap accuracy and reliability. The simple one-piece design easily mounts to any crank and does not require calibration nor installation angle setting, providing a true “plug-and-play” experience. The P1 also features dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART for compatibility with a multitude of head units and smart devices. Plus, the independent measurement opens the possibility for a new set of pedaling metrics previously unavailable to help give you the ultimate competitive edge.

Freedom to measure power data from any bike you’ve got stashed in the garage is a valuable thing, and until now, it wasn’t an option available from PowerTap. The P1 Power Meter Pedals represent a huge step forward for the brand’s versatility, measuring power entirely from one mechanism contained in the pedals.

If you’re looking for data on your output on the roads but decide to step up your XC training midway through the season for a fall race, just swap out the P1 pedals to whichever machine you choose in the same way you’d switch any other pair of pedals. Another benefit of having power measured directly from the pedals is the ability to collect data from each leg. Everyone has a dominant side, and knowing which half of your body works harder during a ride can be extremely beneficial.

Once you have the P1 pedals set up, they’ll pair easily with your existing head unit, as PowerTap wisely made them compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, and to move them between bikes, you won’t need any special tools beyond what you’d use to change out a normal set of pedals.

PowerTap does deliver the setup with its own cleats and hardware, which you should stick to using exclusively with the pedals to make sure the interface works the way it should, and you can plan on the battery keeping the system running for about 60 hours of pedal-mashing, berm-rallying ride time.


  • Weight: 398 grams per pair of pedals (without batteries)
  • Thread Type: 9/16″
  • Cleat Interface: 3 bolt
  • Cleat: PowerTap Cleats, available in 6 degree or 0 degree float
  • Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer
  • Proven PowerTap accuracy
  • Release Tension: 6-20 Nm
  • Stack Height: 14mm
  • Center of Pedal: 53mm (measured from crank to pedal)
  • Lean Angle: 25.5 degrees (based on 175mm crank length, 75mm BB drop and 147mm Q-Factor crank)
  • Firmware Updates: Over the air
  • Connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
  • Battery: AAA Lithium (alkaline and/or rechargeable alkaline batteries not recommended for extended use)
  • Battery Life: 60 hours
  • No weight limit
  • Float: 6 degrees

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