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As we’re sure that you know, we love to dig into every detail of cycling apparel, especially the fabrics. However, when something is as fresh, new, and innovative as the Castelli Inferno Bib Shorts, we understand that trade secrets will not be divulged. Instead, we’re forced to put the nameless under the microscope and investigate how the fabrics work as a system. So, like a great musician, we’ve come to appreciate, and even rely on, the Inferno as a body of work, not a collection of hit singles. The reasons for this are stacking. Of the seven fabrics used throughout the Inferno, five them are only found on this one piece. That’s right, Castelli developed and engineered five distinct materials for the shorts portion alone. So, the question begs to be asked, for what purpose? Well, as the name implies, the Inferno was created as a counter-offensive to treacherous heat. And along these lines, you’ll immediately notice what appear to be mesh panels along the sides of the legs. Note that we said ‘appears’ in this instance. This is worth noting, as this is no ordinary mesh. Instead, Castelli developed this material as a perforated panel of 94% polyester. As a result, breathability is increased throughout the shorts, and due to its composition, moisture absorption is reduced to nearly nano levels. Additionally, in comparison to mesh, this fabric shields the skin from exposure, meaning that you don’t appear half naked on the bike. However, if your mind thinks like ours, support to the muscles becomes an immediate concern when viewing such a lightweight, breathable panel. Well, there’s no need to fret, as Castelli designed this material with a fiber weight that lends itself to both flexibility and support. In fact, this trend is carried out throughout the rest of the shorts, as well. Truly, this is where the Inferno separates itself from anything else on the market. Typically, bib shorts are either supportive or breathable — you get one or the other.

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