Quarq SRAM XX1 Eagle DZero Power Meter Crank Arms – GXP

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Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ lets you choose how to capture the data.
ANT+ continues to be used in most cycling computers, and BLE works with most smartphones
BLE does not need a dongle or USB stick. Qalvin BLE needs no additional hardware.

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Anyone who’s had the opportunity to pedal an XX1 Eagle bike in anger will likely agree that the 12-speed, flagship drivetrain is the epitome of SRAM technological development. Anyone who’s used Quarq’s flagship DZero powermeter to count the watts produced by angry pedaling will also likely agree with Quarq that it’s the epitome of that brand’s technology. When the two are combined in the GXP-compatible Quarq SRAM XX1 Eagle DZero Power Meter Crank Arms, well, good things are bound to happen. Before going any further, we should note that, unlike the standard, direct-mount XX1 Eagle and vanilla XX1 cranksets, the DZero Eagle features a four-bolt spider compatible with an X-Sync 2 (XX1 Eagle) or X-Sync (XX1) 104 BCD chainring. We do like the simplicity and modularity of the direct-mount chainring design, but the powermeter’s strain gauges and electronics live in the spider, so eliminating it isn’t an option in the Quarq system. As with the rest of the DZero line, the XX1 model incorporates five strain gauges strategically placed throughout the spider in order to measure the Newton meters you’re throwing into the pedals, and–except for the alloy spider–it features the same Exogram carbon crank arms and graphical treatment as the standard Red crank. It’s also still got the same claimed accuracy of +/- 1. 5%, so its numbers are 0. 5% more accurate than most meters, but the new design requires less correction in order to maintain accuracy in drastic temperature changes. Fewer corrections mean the latest SRAM Red power meter model also better rations battery life than the previous generations, though when the battery does go out, you can still change it without tools or having to ship the whole thing to the manufacturer. The DZero system’s accuracy is further boosted by the return of Quarq’s 10k dynamic temperature compensation technology, which alleviates the need for constant zeroings in the variable conditions often encountered over the course of long days in the mo…
Arm Material: Carbon Tuned
Arm Length: 170 mm, 175 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter: 104 mm
Bolts: 4
Rings: 1

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